media relations


Recognising that publicity and positioning is a powerful communications tool which has the ability to drive and influence stakeholder perceptions, Bespoke Communications prides itself on its in-depth understanding of the media environment. The agency has long-standing relationships with a wide variety of traditional and digital media, enabling us to provide a comprehensive and professional media relations service to clients.

reputation management


Too many organisations are caught on the back-foot when a crisis or potentially explosive issue unfolds. This can have serious, negative ramifications on an organisation’s business operations and reputation.

event management


Events are a vital cog in the communications wheel. If properly and strategically implemented, events can catapult brands and companies into a new dimension.


Bespoke Communications offers clients specialist services in the event management field, ranging from conceptualisation and creative execution to full-service management of the event itself. Services include guest list and database management, logistics such as parking and catering, giveaways and gifts and even VIP protocol. From media briefings and round tables, to new product launches, stakeholder functions and large-scale conferences, our agency can take care of all your event requirements.

internal communication


Employees are an organisation’s most valuable and important audience, yet internal communication seldom receives the same kind of focus as external communication. Issues such as transformation, change management, skills transfer, gender equity, employee morale, dignity, employee education and accountability are fundamental to the growth and sustainability of a company.


Bespoke Communications knows the value of this audience and is adept at developing and managing internal campaigns on behalf of clients.

social media strategies


Social media is a vital communications tool in the PR mix – especially when targeting a younger, more digitally savvy audience. If you aren’t socially active, you are at a disadvantage. Many companies shy away from social media because they are not sure where or how to start and also because it changes the brand monologue into a dialogue which is new territory.


Bespoke Communications works with clients to help them understand this complex environment. From Facebook strategies to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube campaigns, Bespoke is skilled at navigating the social media space.

strategic communications


Bespoke Communications specialises in working with companies to formulate both internal and external communications strategies that complement their overarching business and marketing goals. The agency has refined a successful strategic development process which forms the cornerstone of its approach to clients’ work.

professional writing services


Bespoke Communications provides a professional writing service to clients, ranging from executive statements and press releases to opinion pieces, marketing collateral such as newsletters/e-zines, corporate material, brochure and website copy.

brand PR and activations


Brands are the lifeblood of the modern world, possessing huge pulling power. Bespoke Communications’ consultants have enjoyed the privilege of working with numerous aspirational global and local brands. We love launching new brands and watching them come to life. We are also adept at revitalising existing brands and re-establishing customer connection and affiliation.


digital communication


Technology has ushered in a new era for communications consultants and marketers, enabling real-time interaction with audiences which are quick and cost-effective. However, the increase in digital communication choices presents unique challenges for companies and brands, specifically in terms of how to stand out from the clutter.


Bespoke Communications offers a number of services within the scope of the digital communications sphere including website development (conceptualisation to visual interpretation, messaging and content), electronic correspondence and communication (from online marketing collateral to e-zines), and development and management of integrated Social Media strategies.

influencer and blogger engagement


Some people just have that X-factor! They have an innate ability to influence what others think and do. Marketers call them influencers and in a world full of skeptical consumers, it helps to have them on your side, speaking for your company or brand.


At Bespoke Communications, we recognise and respect the power of influencers and bloggers, and understand the importance of cultivating relationships on behalf of our clients to ensure that these groups use their power for the good of our clients when it counts.